By request, the bus can stop at other locations along the route. This is called a route deviation service and the bus can deviate up to 3/4 of a mile off the fixed routes for all passengers.

Call (276) 963-1486 at least 48 hours in advance with requests.

Schedules are based on the bus’s average speed and the distance between major stops. Arrive at the bus stop several minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Because bus arrival times are approximate and vary depending on traffic, construction, accidents, or weather conditions, plan for the possibility that the bus may arrive up to 10 minutes before or after the scheduled pick-up time.

College routes are public routes and open to anyone who wants to ride. Fare for public riders is $1 per boarding.

College route fare is free for college students and staff/faculty who present college ID, seniors at least 60 years old, and children 5 or younger who are accompanied by an adult.

Town route fare is 25¢ per boarding.

Work express fare is 50¢ per boarding.